Our Story


Historically, girls have not been welcomed into the skateboarding community as very few companies sponsor and feature girl athletes and their talents. This exclusion has deprived girls from experiencing the benefits associated with skateboarding: improved mental health, new friendships, diversity and resilience. Exclusion also continues to support the narrative that girls don't belong in skateboarding which creates a divisive 'girls against boys' environment.

POM POM's co-ed, co-shred team and premium collection of boards continue to deliver on its mission of creating an inclusive skateboarding community and building equity for those who have been ignored. 

We Believe Everyone Has a Place in the Skateboarding Community and Unlike Most Skateboard Companies, We Believe Girls Can Lead a Co-ed Team. 

We invite you to Roll With Us and support the next generation of skateboarding. 
-Sarah and Roger Cameron, Founders


Sarah bought her first skateboard in the early 90s at a tag sale and was immediately drawn to the sport but never felt comfortable or welcome going into skate shops and she didn't know any other girls who skateboarded. She has always been very active with outdoor recreation including snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and moto but was used to being the only girl who was into these activities. "I remember being at the mountain on a cold day and I was all bundled up and the lift op thought I was a guy because I was wearing all boys' outerwear because there was so little available for women who snowboarded back then." Throughout high school she would hang out with guys who skated and snowboarded, which is how she met her future husband, Roger. She and Roger were good friends throughout high school and would often snowboard together and see each other at skate parks.

College took them down different paths. After graduating with a degree in graphic design, Roger lived out west and rode for several snowboard companies while also working as a freelance graphic designer within the industry. After suffering a concussion while snowboarding, he decided it was time to get a "real" job and began his 20 year career at the LEGO Company where he became Global Creative Director. Worlds collided two years later when Sarah became the first legal intern at LEGO and 4 months later, they were engaged.


Ever since, their love of standing sideways mixed with an insatiable drive for creative endeavors has led them down an adventurous path. 

During a lunch break while working at LEGO, Roger went to a skate park and was looking for some wax when the words "Magical Go-Go" rolled off his tongue. He immediately went to his computer and came up with the logo and started making stickers and that was the beginning of the wax company, Magical Go-Go. After attracting a world renowned team that included Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Chris Beresford and Dan Brisse. Sarah noticed there weren't any girls on the team and she decided she wanted to help end the cycle of girls feeling excluded from action sports. She was also tired of seeing other "female brands" sexualize and objectify women and wanted to create a brand that focused on underrepresented female athletes and their amazing skills and talents, instead of what they looked like in a bikini.

Born out of passion and without a business plan or budget, POM POM began on the kitchen stove melting skate wax in a pot and soon expanded with snowboard and surf wax. Together with Sarah's brand messaging and Roger's "in-house" graphic design skills, the logo and branding was created and girls immediately connected with POM POM. Since no wax companies sponsored females, POM POM immediately attracted some of the best action sports athletes in the world to the team, including Marie France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Desiree Melancon, Dax McGill, Zoe McDougall and Zoe Benedetto.  

Today, females continue to make progress within action sports, but we still have a ways to go. It's so important to continue to support female programs, camps, and clinics and also show the importance of a co-ed team and how a community thrives when everyone is supported, regardless of gender. 

POM POM began in 2008 as the first snow, surf & skate wax company led by an all girl team to even the scene. 

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