skateboarding may cause creativity, independent thinking & resilience


As a skater, parent, and skate shop owner I recognize the importance of getting more kids involved in active, outdoor sports. Skateboarding is a sport that can be done alone or in groups and is a wonderful way for kids to stay fit, healthy and build lifelong relationships. POM POM Skateboards gets the connection and is a brand that transcends boundaries by providing a platform for children, in particular girls to fall in love with the wonderful sport of skateboarding. POM POM is a key component of my business model at 507 Skate Shop. Partnering with POM POM Skateboards was a sensible decision and together we strive to provide quality skateboards to children to help develop their skills and interest so the next generation of rippers will be ready to build on what has already been achieved!  

Brett Power 507 Skate Shop

What I absolutely love about POM POM Skateboards is that the boards are 100% top notch quality, and the size range is great. I also find it impressive that POM POM has lots of graphics that resonate with kids, as well as their parents. POM POM has found that sweet spot of "kid friendly" designs while still being "cool" - which in is skateboarding is hard to do!

Cindy Whitehead Skateboard Hall of Fame Inductee 2016 Founder of Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

It’s now been seven days since Alex got her POM POM deck and started riding it.  She loves it.  It’s such a game changer for her.  The width is perfect, the length too.  She loves the shape of the tail and nose.  She is no longer confused about which end is which.  That’s a huge confidence booster for her.  She used to put her old board backwards all the time and then feel silly that she couldn’t get it right.  She would beat herself up about it a bit.  She tries so hard to fit in despite us reminding her that just trying her best and having fun is all that matters.  This new deck is fantastic.  She never wants to skate another deck again.  She said it handles really well and she feels more secure on it.  It’s just been so great for her.  She’s open to trying new things with it and gets out to skate the parks usually twice a day, sometimes more!  She works on her Ollies in the living room too 😂

Mom of @Alexskates12